Let’s Get Started:

As we watch a steady decline in the morals and values of a society we often hear a lot of talk about the end of the earth.  Many refer to this end time as the Apocalypse.  Some people have claimed to know the day and time of the world’s end, only to see the very day they gave as the end come and go without incident.

There is yet another line of thinking that seems to assert that man is still advancing toward a greater potential; a better way of thinking and living. A society of peace where all people are respected for their beliefs and free to live as they desire.

Still others speak of a great doom that will come upon humanity.  We will become ravaged by disease and brought to the brink of extinction. Forced to live a life that is constantly on defense against some threat like zombies or creatures from distant planets.

Jesus answers our questions about the end of our time on Earth by telling us what to expect. But He doesn’t tell us when.

Bible Drill:
OBSERVATION: What does God’s Word say?

Mark 13:1-2
Mark 13:3-4
Matthew 24:5 (Mark 13:5-6)
Mark 13:7-8 (Matthew 24:7)
Matthew 24:8
Mark 13:9 (Matthew 24:9)
Mark 13:10
Mark 13:11
Mark 13:12 (Matthew 24:10)
2 Timothy 3:1-5
Mark 13:13
Matthew 24:11
Mark 13:14-18
Mark 13:20-23
2 Timothy 3:6-9
Mark 13:24-25
Mark 13:26-27
Mark 13:28-31
Mark 13:32-34
Mark 13:25-37
Matthew 24:36
Mark 13:32
Matthew 24:42
Mark 13:35

Bible Huddle:
INTERPRETATION: What does God’s Word mean?

  1. When will the end occur? How do you know?
  2. Make a list of “signs” that the end of time as we know it is approaching.
  3. Are we living in the last days?
  4. What “signs” do we already see happening in our society?
  5. What should our response be to those saying Christ is here?
  6. How do we know those who claim to be “Christ” are not really Him?
  7. What will happen when Christ arrives? How does this help us know that those who claim to be Christ are making false claims?
  8. How does scripture contradict those who believe that mankind is advancing toward a greater potential?
  9. How does scripture contradict those who believe we will fight zombies or aliens from other planets?
  10. What does the scripture say about the influence of sin as time draws to a close?
  11. How are God’s people supposed to react / respond during these last days?

APPLICATION: How do I apply God’s Word to my life?

Discuss some things that you hear in the news and social media about the end of time.  Discuss how those things match scripture or contradict scripture.  Discuss what the Christian should be doing in these last days. Think about how you should personally prepare for the times ahead.

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