Let’s Get Started:
I’m sure that everyone would like to think that they are born into a relationship with God that can’t be severed. We’d even like to believe that God wouldn’t inflict some form of punishment on us because of the mistakes and errors we make.

The fact is that every single human being is born with sin. That was pretty much determined for all humanity when Adam and Eve disobeyed one simple directive they were given in the Garden of Eden. Thankfully, God’s Grace is available to all of us. But, we have to take action to accept His Gift of Grace. It isn’t given to us automatically just because we are human.

God gives us a free will to choose or reject his Grace. Doing nothing is the same as rejecting Him. If we don’t make the right choice, then we remain in a state of sin that doesn’t bode well for folks at the end of time. And we can’t blame our lack of making the right choice on anyone but ourselves.

Bible Drill:
OBSERVATION: What does God’s Word say?

Romans 5:12
Romans 3:23
Genesis 1:27-30
Genesis 2:15-17
Genesis 3:1-7
Genesis 3:8-11
Genesis 3:12-13
Genesis 3:14-15
Genesis 3:16
Genesis 3:17-21
Psalm 51:5
Luke 18:19
1 John 1:10
Romans 5:18-19
Acts 3:18-21
1 John 1:9
1 John 3:5
Revelation 1:5
Matthew 3:2

Bible Huddle:
INTERPRETATION: What does God’s Word mean?

  • How does scripture indicate sin came upon humanity?
  • What scriptural evidence do we have that the initial creation of man was without sin?
  • What were the instructions given to Adam about his life in the Garden?
  • What was Eve told that enticed her to consume the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil?
  • What were the first noticeable signs that something had changed for Adam and Eve?
  • Here’s something I wonder about:  What would life be like today if Adam and Eve had not fallen into the deception of the serpent?
  • What punishment was imposed upon Adam and Eve for their disobedience?
  • Do we still endure those punishments? How?
  • Make a list of “proof” provided in scripture that we are born as a sinner.
  • Through one man’s act we are all subject to death and judgement.  How does scripture indicate we escape the consequences of that judgement?

APPLICATION: How do I apply God’s Word to my life?

One important thing each of us must recognize is that God is our ultimate authority.  He gives you the choice to believe or dis-believe.  He gives you the choice to accept or reject.  We must also understand that choosing to do nothing causes us to remain where we are: a sinner who rejects God and His Gift of Grace.  He doesn’t make you do anything you’re not willing to do, but His hope is that you will choose to live under the umbrella of Grace that He offers through His Son Jesus Christ.  All choices, all excuses boil down to a single set of options: Sin or Grace.  Choose sin and the end reward isn’t pleasant: Hell. Choose Grace through Jesus Christ and the final rewards are wonderful: Heaven!

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