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Christian Behavior

Be A Real Christian. There are a lot of people today that classify themselves as Christians. There are also a lot of people who have nothing good to say about Christianity.  We find many Christians being accused of bigotry and hate. The social media is full of people saying very derogatory and vulgar things about Christians, God, Jesus, and the Bible.   In early 2021, Social Media platforms started penalizing and halting accounts for Christian organizations that have spoken out against some sinful behaviors such as homosexuality, abortion, and others. Real Christianity is under attack more than ever before by atheists, homosexual activists, the governments of the world including the United States, a plethora of unbelievers, and even groups who falsely claim to be Christian. So what is a...

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What is Truth?

What is Truth?

Hook: If you listen to news sources in the mainstream media today, you really can't know if you are even hearing the truth anymore. So, what is truth?That seems to be a question that causes a great debate among philosophers. In this, two types of truths have been...

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Calling Evil Good and Good Evil

HOOK: If you listen to the news, the rhetoric of politicians, and many with what is called progressive values, the day has arrived that was spoken about in Isaiah 5:20 ESV: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for...

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Are You Celebrating Sin?

The Status of Sin in our Society We are living in a time when sin, disobedience to God's standards for our life, is being lifted up in our society. The news media is full of reports and ideas that demonstrate how things that were once viewed as wrong or immoral are...

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The Blessing of Hard Times

There's probably not a person alive who hasn't experienced difficult times in life. No one is immune to hardship. We are not protected from experiencing difficulty. There are many examples of people who overcame difficulty. There are examples of people who didn't....

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Knowing People By Their Fruit

Let's stop and reflect for a moment on our Christian walk.  Do you really demonstrate the character of Jesus Christ in our words and behavior?  Do you even know how to determine whether you are reflecting Christ in your life? There are many in our...

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The Last Days of Earth

Let's Get Started: As we watch a steady decline in the morals and values of a society we often hear a lot of talk about the end of the earth.  Many refer to this end time as the Apocalypse.  Some people have claimed to know the day and time of the world's end, only to...

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I Was Born A Sinner

Let's Get Started: I'm sure that everyone would like to think that they are born into a relationship with God that can't be severed. We'd even like to believe that God wouldn't inflict some form of punishment on us because of the mistakes and errors we make. The fact...

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Establishing Priorities Biblically

Let's Get Started: Huge demands are made on our lives every day.  Sometimes the demands are so great that we just want to throw up our hands and run away. God gave us 24 hours in a day.  He doesn't expect us to pack anymore into that 24 hours that what we are able to...

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Easy Christianity. Really?

Bible Drill Hook: Whoever told you that living the life of a Christian was easy and brought the good life here on earth was seriously handing out false information.  God didn't call Christians into salvation just so they could have a simple, easy, life of prestige....

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Real Christians Rebuke Sin

Bible Drill Hook: One of the dangers of delivering lessons and scripture based on a specific topic, is that the topic tends to isolate discussion and pushes the believer into a limited, confusing, and often legalistic stance on a subject.  The focus becomes the topic...

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